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Why should I/We rent through Glentworth Lettings?

Quite simple, we only specialise in property lettings, we care about what we do, and our motto is to treat landlords and tenants the same, as we do for all walks of life.

We have a tenant portal that we will set up for you on Move in, this will act as the communication contact for maintenance, planned certificates like Gas Safety, midterm visits and so on.

We have a dedicated maintenance company that looks after all your property maintenance which will make things more proactive.

We have self-assessment reporting, this means that you, the tenant, are able to complete a property self-assessment inspection to reduce the number of midterms that we carry out.

It’s your responsibility to ensure the property has contents insurance, if you require assistance with this, we are only too happy to arrange for someone to contact you.


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tenant and landlord rights

As a Tenant you must:

Such as council tax, gas, electricity and water bills. If a tenant pays the gas or electricity bills, they can choose their own energy supplier.

A tenant must get your permission before attempting repairs or decorating.

A tenant could be evicted for anti-social behaviour if they are not.

Do this straight away for issues that risk your health and safety, such as faulty electrical wiring.

Do this straight away for issues that risk your health and safety, such as faulty electrical wiring.
There will be a risk to your deposit or your landlord taking you to court, to recover the cost of damages if a minor repair turns into a major problem because you did not report it. Most landlords would prefer to know sooner to make the most cost-effective repair.
Your landlord should tell you when you can expect the repairs to be done. A landlord has a right to carry out repairs and tenants must allow access at reasonable times with reasonable notice (at least 24 hours).

And/or uneven surfaces (particularly on stairs, bathroom floors, at the exits of showers).

And also that stairs have a handrail.


Such as the supply of water, gas, electricity and heating.

Further information on health hazards can be found in the How to Rent a Safe Home guide.

If something is not working, ask your tenant to report it to you (or your agent) as soon as they can.

Including carbon monoxide alarms in rooms with appliances using solid fuels – such as coal and wood – and make sure they are working at the start of a tenancy.

Where there are any gas appliances.

Your landlord is always responsible for repairs to:


Why do we carry out a Mid term visit?

As an agent we are instructed to look after their property, the property requires a visit for insurance, legislative, pension purposes however at Glentworth Lettings we treat everyone the same no matter whether you are a tenant or a landlord so it’s nice to provide a service visit to ensure all is OK.

A visit also provides a chance to review the property’s condition, address any other issues that have been raised, and put a plan together so at the end of a tenancy minimal disruption happens to all parties.

It’s an opportunity to discover if any repairs are required whilst highlighting maintenance issues which could cause big problems if left to the end of the tenancy, along with any issues that may affect the Fit for Human Habitation act 2018.

A few specific things that will be looked at during an inspection:

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